About me

NOTE: The English version of this website is significantly different from the Vietnamese version.
I am the owner of Saitou Sei’s Blog, a personal blog which serves as a platform that I use in writing about what I am interested in. As a multi-talented individual with more than ten years experience in the field, I am currently into various activities which are being displayed on my personal blog.
Having seen lots of bad translation on the internet, I was propelled to be of assistance to everyone looking for a trustworthy and competent translator of English to Vietnamese. Therefore, I am currently committed to offering impeccable translation from English to Vietnamese. Although I majored in Spanish language and culture, my knowledge and expertise have been channeled into searching and translating information from and to the English Language.
Without a doubt, my high sense of dark humor has been brought into my work, and my ability to offer people a chance to choose between the ironic version and literal version of their translation has made my translation services stand out.
Apart from providing translation services, I draw awesome comics and paint spectacular miniatures that intrigue everyone. To me, it is always a pleasure to showcase my crafts to close friends, family, and others who love arts and appreciate the works that I do.
Due to my passion to widen the horizon of my knowledge and become more versatile in my chosen career, I would love to learn and try new types of craft.
(That’s what you got for $5 on fiverr. I should have known better :v)
Seriouly, I’m kidding.