March 08, 2006: Michiru drives me crazy ^0^

Just found pretty cute doujinshi of Michiru.  I’ll post 2 pages 3:)

Haruka And Michiru take Hotaru to a restaurant with them. Haruka wonders why she, Tenoh Haruka, a genius racer, is stuck carrying the baby bag :))  Their hostess tells Michiru that Hotaru looks like her, and she replies, “Well!” Haruka sweatdrops.

A bunch of other people in the restaurant are looking at them :’> Haruka feels their eyes on them. Everyone is talking about how young they are, what a shame it is, etc. Haruka knows they’re wrong… she didn’t get Michiru pregnant, after all! She thinks to herself that people’s stares hurt, and wonders why she is stuck in this situation… In her head, she asks the Messiah if this is her punishment.

Michiru asks Haruka what’s wrong. ;;)

They live Happily Ever After, because Michiru is happy. :))

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