[Spoiler][The 100] I’m kinda obsessed

The fifth season is streaming on Netflix US since September, yet there are only the first 3 seasons on Netflix Vietnam. I gotta binge watch the season with the help of VPN and pixelated video quality.

The writing is lazily formulaic as usual. I felt like I had watched this season 4 times before :)) At least it was fun watching Clarke get tormented by Mother Nature, friends and foes. Poor Clarke, she was annoying with unhealthy mama-bear mentality this season, but I love her anyway :*

Monty and Harper raised their kid using Clarke’s parent guidebook? Where was that book from? The Griffins are so not a good family role model. Abby was a drug addict, she barely functioned this season. Yet she still managed to make Clarke ~ Abby II. Madi was kinda like Clarke in season 2 “ye may be mah mam, but I’m in charge”

Poor Octavia. Kane and Abby, who were supposed to be her parental figures and counselors,  coerced her to make all the horrifying decisions and then blame her for them. The “I refuse to go cannibalism” “choosing between the monster and the devil” of Kane is pretty incomprehensible. Was he possessed by Jaha?

I bet the writers have issues with their parents lol

Season 6 could be recycled season 1, with love triangle among Echo, Bellamy, and Clarke.

Now, I really like Bellamy. Even though I’m a big fan of Clexa, I’m totally OK with Bellarke. Bellamy even married Clarke at the end of the original book series by Kass Morgan.

However, I don’t want Bellarke to happen. Clarke’s love just screams bad omen. Anyone that was “the love of her life” would just literally drop dead (e.g.: Finn and Lexa). I don’t really want Bellamy to die lol

Some trivia shower thoughts:

Madi got the Flame. She can channel all the memory of the previous Commanders if she wants to solve a hard problem. The Commanders would show her images and stuff.

What if one day she wanna knows about the bird and the bee, like how 2 girls have sex? Would Lexa show her the steamy memory and its bloody aftermath? That would be awkward…

My wishful thinking for future seasons: Lexa physically reincarnates onto the new planet, reunites with Clarke, borrows the Flame from Madi to obtain memory from her previous life and then the 3 live happily ever after.

Here are some of the best fanmade videos I’ve stumbled upon:

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