The first Korean movie I've ever watched in the cinema

Not the first movie ever, but the first Korean Movie hintergrundbilder für tablet kostenlos herunterladen. It also is the only Korean movie I’ve watched in cinema. That time I went to the cinema with my (best) cousin, now we were like half way around the world apart herunterladen.
The movie was Change (1997). It was kinda like Freaky Friday meets Kimi no na wa (Your Name).
Kang Dae-Ho, a naughty boy used to be an academic failure, could not be more different than Ko Eun-Bi, a prim girl and model student dpd konfigurationsdatei herunterladen. On one stormy day, lightning strikes both of them and knocks them unconscious. When they awake and attempt to return home, they are given the surprise of their lives when they realize their bodies have been exchanged digital ikea family map.
As they are no longer able to live in their own homes, they have to live in each other’s houses pretending to be the other person. As the people around them become confused as to the sudden change of personality in each of them, especially in academic results, Dae-Ho and Eun-Bi must find a way to change their bodies back before Eun-Bi’s family emigrates vorsorgevollmacht downloaden.

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