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What is the best propaganda poster ever?

Answer for: What is the best propaganda poster ever?
Sultan Khokhar
Sultan Khokhar, A Gamer who reads about History and Politics
Updated Mar 22
This British propaganda poster from World War I (The Great War):

At first glance, you think it is just a father with his two young children, obviously interested in the Great War.
But then you read the text.
You look back at the image.
And suddenly the entire meaning of the poster changes.
Now you notice the slightly ashamed look on the man’s face and you realise, this man never fought in the Great War.
His son is playing with toy soldiers, his daughter is reading, presumably about the war but when they approach their father — someone they likely look up to — he has nothing to tell them. He wasn’t a part of what encompasses the lives of future generations.
And finally you realise what this poster is telling you.
If you don’t fight for your country in this war, you will be a failure to your family for years to come.
Just imagine the psychological and emotional struggle this could put a person through. It is branding them as an embarrassment unless they serve, therefore compelling and almost forcing them to.
In my opinion this is an almost tormenting piece of propaganda which would probably make the viewer submit.

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